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lifesaving medical insights

OutSense has developed a novel technology capable of accurately analyzing and diagnosing human waste from within a standard toilet bowl. Its solution offers a superior monitoring platform that safeguards health and enables early detection of medical conditions. The company’s unique database on human excretions can provide invaluable insight into human physiology.


IoT Medical Device

OutSense’s patented technology uses a small device that clips onto a toilet bowl. The device is equipped with a smart optical sensor that autonomously scans human waste without the need for any user intervention. The information is transferred to a secure cloud platform where it is analyzed using advanced imaging algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) tools. The analysis includes the patient’s medical history and enables highly personalized diagnostics and biofeedback. The system’s report is delivered to the caregiver and user. The information can be incorporated directly into an organization’s Health Information System (HIS), and viewed on the OutSense mobile application.


No need for user intervention


User privacy is strictly guaranteed


Data is gathered on an ongoing basis

Real-time analysis

No need to await laboratory results


System alerts of possible health deviations


Highest level of analytical and diagnostic accuracy

Big Data

The OutSense optical virtual database of human urine and stool is the first of its kind. The database is continuously growing, and its unique information can provide invaluable insights into the nature of human physiology. The data can play a critical role in personalizing healthcare and enabling physicians to deliver effective and highly precise medical care.

The database can aid medical research in a wide variety of fields, help to identify global health trends within specific populations, and even identify the outset of an epidemic. It can also provide value to public health organizations, pharma companies etc.


physiological conditions

The OutSense platform can be used for the early detection of a wide variety of applications, such as:

Colorectal cancer

Colorectal cancer (CRC) is the second most common cancer in the US and the second most common cancer cause of death in the US. If detected at its earliest stages, treatment is often highly effective. Unfortunately, most people at risk do not undergo early screening and the cancer is identified after it has matured. The global economic burden of CRC (including prevention, screening and therapies) is estimated at $35 billion annually.

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

UTI is one of the most common infections in older adults and the most frequent infection among long-term care residents. Since the sensation of pain is often impaired in older adults, the infection is frequently undetected and can lead to complications such as severe kidney or blood infection. The estimated annual cost of UTI cases with prescriptions in the US is $1.6 billion.


Diarrhea negatively affects a person’s quality of life and is often symptomatic of a variety of health conditions such as Clostridium difficile and norovirus. Each year, 1.5% of all individuals over the age of 75 are hospitalized due to acute diarrhea. Such hospitalizations have a 50% death rate. The costs to the US healthcare system are estimated to be $4.8 billion.


Many people, especially the elderly, are prone to dehydration because of changes in total body water, impaired thirst perception, medication etc. Dehydration is difficult to detect and can cause confusion, disorientation, nausea, dizziness, general malaise, weak spells, infection, coronary artery disease, impaired wound healing, and death. The total annual economic burden in the US is estimated at $1.14 billion.


Constipation is common among older adults. It is estimated that 26% of women and 16% of men over the age of 65 suffer from constipation. Constipation can lead to serious medical conditions such as anal fissures. It can also be a symptom of life- threatening conditions, such as faecal impaction, bowel obstruction, or even cancer. In the UK, constipation alone accounts for hospitalizations totaling 135,273 bed-days annually.

How it works


The OutSense platform was clinically tested, and using advanced algorithms of image analysis and machine learning, demonstrated an accuracy of 90% in blood detection vs. the gold standard.

The Receiver Operating Characteristic (ROC) statistical analysis confirmed the high accuracy of the system in a very significant manner;  the Area under the ROC Curve (AUC) was 88.20% (95% CI: 75.82%-97.98%).



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CiMed 2017

1st place winner

CIMC2018 Heyuan

2nd place winner


Founded in 2016, OutSense is an Israeli based start-up company that has developed an advanced technology for early detection of medical conditions. The IoT technology analyzes and diagnoses human waste from within a standard toilet bowl, and alerts caregivers of health deviations. The company’s database enables highly personalized care, and in the future, Big Data analysis tools can be used to extract new information on disease development. Through early detection, the lives of millions can be saved and the progression of diseases prevented.

The Team

Yfat Scialom

CEO and Board Member

Yfat Scialom

Ms. Scialom has over 20 years of experience in leading medical device and digital health companies from a startup phase to commercialization, and driving top line sales growth. Previously, she served as the VP of International Sales & Marketing at EarlySense, was the CEO of Pollogen Ltd, the VP of Sales & Marketing at UltraShape Ltd, and the General Manager of Sunlight Medical GmbH.

Ishay Attar

Founder and Chairman of the Board

Ishay Attar

Mr. Attar is a serial entrepreneur, inventor and venture creator with over 15 years of experience. He successfully founded five breakthrough technology companies in healthcare, including LifeBond which was acquired by Bard (Becton Dickenson sub), BioChange, Eximore, where he has held CEO or Executive Chairman positions.

Dr. Yaara Kapp-Barnea


Dr. Yaara Kapp-Barnea

Dr. Barnea brings over 12 years of experience in leading innovative technological initiatives in the field of biometric monitoring and visualization. Previously she was the CTO & Co-founder of Amendis Ltd and director of the IP and innovative technologies research at SCR (Acquired by Allflex Group).
Prof. Tali Triebitz | OutSense

Prof. Tali Triebitz


Prof. Tali Triebitz – CSO

Prof. Triebitz has over 20 years of experience in leading technical teams and providing her expertise in imaging and computer vision in scattering media and development of imaging systems operating in aqueous environments. Prior Ms. Triebitz was the Head of the Marine Imaging lab in the school of Marine Sciences in the University of Haifa.

Shachar Abir

VP of Products

Shachar Abir

Mr. Abir has over 10 years of experience in product management, business development and clinical application in medical device and digital health companies. He has led many medical products from their prototype stage to commercial success and is an expert in user experience. Mr. Abir holds a B.sC in Biomedical Engineering from Ben Gurion University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

Board of Directors

Idan Geva

Idan Geva, Eng, MBA

Mr. Geva has over 15 years of experience in managing Israeli and multinational medical device companies, including: Abott, FlowMedic and Tibion. He holds an MBA from Berkeley, Haas School of Business and a Biotechnology Engeneering degree from Ben-Gurion University.

Dr. Yoni Weiss

Dr. Yoni Weiss, MD, MBA

Dr. Weiss has over a decade of experience in clinical drug and medical device development. Dr. Weiss co-founded and ran an Israeli-based venture capital fund and managed a start-up marketing business in Beijing.

Boaz Lifschitz

Boaz Lifschitz

Mr. Lifschitz is the General Partner and Co-Founder of Peregrine Ventures. On behalf of the Fund, he serves on the Boards of Cartiheal, WhiteSource and is a Board observer in Rocketick and other companies. Prior to co-founding Peregrine Ventures, Mr. Lifschitz co-founded two biomedical device companies − Visioncare Ltd. and BioControl Ltd. Boaz holds a BSc from Bar-Ilan University, as well as an MSc from Boston University jointly with Ben Gurion University.


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