Toilet IOT sensor

Valuable information that is currently flushed down the toilet, can improve wellness and save lives!
OutSense is developing an IOT sensor for early detection of illness and as wellness monitoring tool.


A medical status report for each person is generated daily in the form of our biological excretions. OutSense is using innovative imaging technologies to reveal this information. The sensor will monitor essential health & wellness parameters and communicate them with a mobile device app. Our primary goal is to prevent colorectal cancer by identifying hidden blood in stool. Hidden blood is a well-established screening tool for colorectal cancer (CRC), currently performed by sending a stool sample to a specialized lab.


Colorectal Cancer is considered one of the deadliest forms of cancer, and yet it is easily cured when detected early. Although early screening is highly encouraged, nearly 700,000 dies of the disease every year worldwide, just because it wasn’t detected in time. Current lab based screening methods suffer from mediocre accuracy and require stool handling, as such they suffer from low compliance. A hands-free solution that scans automatically for traces of blood in stool and does so hundreds of times throughout the year offers not only increased accuracy but also increased compliance.

Our Solution

A toilet based (clip-on) sensor, designed to be user friendly, utilizing a unique proprietary optical setup, a data acquisition board, connectivity and a mobile phone app. It automatically scans every ‘exit’, hands-free and seamless to the user; capable of identifying even minute traces of blood in stool. Unlike current chemical diagnostics kits which are used once a year in labs, the new senor will perform hundreds of measurements per year, improving accuracy and compliance.
The OutSense platform is also useful for other GI conditions such as management of irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s disease, Colitis, as well as for lifestyle & personalized nutrition.
For the first time in human history, technology can allow people to have their excretions scanned automatically and immediately receive actionable insights based on the underlying chemical and physical composition. This will give new ways to improve healthcare and wellness, monitor diets and personalize nutritional needs.

CiMed 2017 First place winner
intel ingenuity partner program


CICC Hosts Successful Medical Technology Summit

California Israel Chamber of Commerce (CICC) announced the success of its' CiMED 2017 Conference, showcasing innovative Israeli MedTech startups.

OutSense was selected for the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant

Topic: Open Disruptive Innovation
Project Phase: Phase 1
Total budget: 71.429 €
EU Contribution: 50.000 €

OutSense was selected for the SME Instrument Phase 1 grant

Topic: Open Disruptive Innovation
Project Phase: Phase 1
Total budget: 71.429 €
EU Contribution: 50.000 €


OutSense is a team of leading entrepreneurs, scientists and physicians

Ishay Attar, Founder and Chairman

An accomplished entrepreneur, inventor and venture creator. Founded five breakthrough technology companies in healthcare, including LifeBond, Eximore, BioChange and has had CEO or Executive Chairman roles in four.

Dr. Yaara Kapp-Barnea, General Manager

Experienced manager of technological & scientific research projects in the academy & industry. CTO & Co-founder of Amendis Ltd. Director of the IP and innovative technologies research at SCR (Aquired by Allflex Group).

Dr. Tali Treibitz, Chief Science Officer

Heading the Marine Imaging lab in the school of Marine Sciences in the University of Haifa. Post doc from USCA Expert in imaging and computer vision in scattering media, develops imaging systems that operate in water.

Dr. Yoni Weiss, Director

Yoni is a medical doctor with years of experience as venture capitalist (TG VENTURES), a medical director (TEVA) and a physician.

Idan Geva, Marketing

Idan brings more than 10 years of experience in Israeli and multinational medical device companies, marketing and management.